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Why choose A.T.V. to install your satellite?

We are a local company with a long established reputation for quality bespoke installations and professional service. We are a approved local retailer. This means we can offer our customers special promotions as well as knowledge, flexibility and experience.

Satellite HD

Satellite HD is high definition viewing providing four times greater picture clarity, sharper more vibrant colours and images, complete with recording facility.

European Satellite

A European satellite system can give access to many free to air foreign television channels with no monthly fee. Different sizes of dishes are required dependant on which channels you would like to receive. We can supply and install these systems to your requirements.

About Freesat

Freesat was developed to give greater network coverage for the UK via a satellite dish and will provide digital viewing for areas unable to receive the current Freeview signal.


The Freesat system requires no monthly subscription or charges. All that is required is the installation of a satellite dish with cabling and a Freesat receiver with a one off cost .

This would give you access to approximately 140 TV & radio channels and is due to increase to about 200 free channels during the digital switchover.

Freesat HD

Feesat HD receivers are now available giving you access to a range of channels offering high definition technology , with up to 5 times greater picture quality than standard definition , with finer detail and more vibrant colours .

To receive Freesat HD you need a HD compatible Television and a Freesat HD receiver.

Freesat +

Freesat + is now available. These receivers enable you to record your favourite programmes including HD without the need for tapes or discs. All the recordings will be stored on an integrated hard drive and you can access them at a touch of a button. With a twin cable installed from the satellite dish you can record one programme while watching another. With the 320 GB of hard drive space you are able to store and record up to 80 hours